JG is up to Fringey business
My pockets: I  was full of hope for a double header of ridiculousness. Then being given the dual surprise of a very cold theater and uterine cramps made the event a little difficult for me.
Without a program it is difficult for me to give credit where it is due so I’ll say what I saw.  Our host Gwendolyn Rooker is a clown-sight to behold and not to be reckoned with. The live jazz band for transitions was a special treat. The night was a showcase of experiments in the good, the bawd, and the ugly. An Italian fairytale,  a game show,  a birthday, interstellar fellatio, a dancing penis, a lecture, a fantasy,  and more.  I laughed, groaned and realized that with so many women on the stage I wanted a vagina piece in the conversation (I guess that’s on me.)

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