JG has a whole lotta fringe going on 
My pockets: I came in with thoughts of a clown workshop I’d enjoyed this year, and curiosity at what other clowns were up to.
The design is like a kiddie club house house cracked out on cardboard,  dollar store,  and thrift shop magic.
Music by Jo Vito Ramirez and Kevin Sommerville was ridiculous and winky Shout outs to Ramirez on harmonica and Biagiotti on the shovel.
Wild has theft, horse riding, food fights, poop, romance, and resurrection. Directed by Ryan Rebel the piece aims to flip the wild-western genre on its head and land it in a pile of spaghetti, cool whip, and maraschino cherries (Hats off to stage management for cleaning up that mess) I wanted less presentation and more wonder.
Notables among the clowns were Deputy Compote, Sir Daffodil, and Judith– way to bring me into the world using breath, contact, and flexibility. Take homes: don’t play so hard, and love more.

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