What we care about

We care about theater. We love it. We love stories, and so we really care about how stories are told. We want to open the conversations that we have about what we see and invite others, including the artists who make the work, to join those conversations.

We care about intention. We understand that different plays have different styles, intentions and audiences. When we see shows we ask “What were they trying to do? What helped them do it? What hindered that?”

We care about inclusivity. We are concerned about the way that white male middle class voices dominate the art form. We want the hands and voices that contribute to the making of theater become more representative.

We care about accountability. We think that theater artists have a responsibility for the stories they tell. If theaters make choices that alienate people or make them feel unwelcome, we think they ought to have an answer for why.

We care about self reflection as people who respond. We understand that it’s subjective. We want to think about where we’re coming from, what state of mind we’re in, what prejudices we have and how all of this affects how we see a show.