Our Reviewers

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Beneatha Is a local director, playwright and arts administrator. In Philly she has worked with, Philadelphia Young Playwrights, The Arden Theatre Company, Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia Theatre Company and Theatre in the X to name a few. She is most jazzed about work that shines brightest on the African American experience, underserved communities, subcultures, and milk-out-the-nose comedy. She aims to spread her Black Girl Magic Positivity in all that she does.

C is a cis white femme and a director, deviser, and museum educator. She has worked at several theatres in the Philadelphia area as an assistant and administrator, and has collaborated with the Greenfield Collective and Reject Theatre Project, among others. She is most interested in work that is subversive and surprising, intentional and brave. Her lens is intersectionally feminist.

Elias is a cisgender queer man of color who once spent a lot of his time in the Philly theatre community backstage. He’s especially interested in how power dynamics work out among the various identities of this community and what can be done with that information to move us all forward.
Fiona is a local writer, dramaturg, and actor with a passion for new play development and physical theatre. Philly currently has her heart, but she has worked both nationally and internationally in a variety of artistic and administrative roles. She approaches theatrical work with a critical eye, but with abundant love and curiosity. Intersectional feminism or bust.

Jane is white, cishet femme who has worked as a director and dramaturg for over 20 years. In Philly she has worked with Curio, Hedgerow, Plays & Players, The Painted Bride and InterAct in these roles. She is a strongly identified intersectional feminist who loves new work that is honest and inclusive.

Linor is a white, Jewish local playwright, performer, maker, and administrator. Hailing from a number of places scattered around the globe, she has worked with Philly groups such as Pig Iron Theatre Company, WHYY, First Person Arts, Lightning Rod Special, and the Painted Bride. She loves new work the most, though there is some old stuff that she selectively enjoys. Her investment in the arts comes from a global, intersectional feminist, and anti-capitalist lens.

Lola is a queer, white theatre actor, creator, and director. She is interested in what keeps theatre alive and how it can get an audience feeling anything that isn’t boredom.

Nan is an actor and maker, intersectional feminist, and queer cis woman

Plotz is a white, queer clown who has attended Dell Arte International in Blue Lake California and has performed with the Mantua Project, the Philly and DC Fringe and Forearmed productions. They care about honest storytelling and precise movement.

Sarah Grimke is a white genderqueer theatre creator/performer/Administrator with a glut of production history. They’ve worked all over Philadelphia region in those roles. They always ask “why this play and why now?” and look at the world with a strong intersectional feminism lens.

Steele is an African American actor, producer, marketer, and creator in Philadelphia. She runs a theater company and has a passion for art for social change and performances in public spaces. She has worked with Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia Dramatists Center, Theatre in the X, Philadelphia Young Playwrights, and the FringeArts Festival, to name a few.

VT is a queer Latin deviser that makes it a point to not see shows too often in the hopes that it won’t taint the joy and wonder they feel whenever they watch live performance. They’ve worn many hats – mostly “playwright”, or “performer”, or “maker” – but lately they like the way the “arts advocate” hat feels on them. They’ve been a part of the Philly theatre scene for a little over three years now.