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Let’s get down to it. Tolva recently caught my eye at an event at L’Etage. Also I’m a fan of the work Sam and JD Stokely’s collective SUPERobject is doing. I was in a good mood and had walked two miles from another SoLow Fest piece.
Deep Space Love Song by Tolva is a journey takes you down into a basement, on a technicolor pathway and then out into the expanse of the universe. It turns you on, confuses you, questions, exposes, and spits you back out into a puddle on the floor. But does this love resolve, even when you have closure, once you’ve had love inside of you and all around, is it ever really over?
The lighting is simple, intimate, like a doorway is barely ajar on another dimension. The projections are well used. The soundscape was composed almost entirely live by Tolva (our guide on this journey) is ethereal and haunting. The costumes are elegant from stunning sequins, to luxurious crushed velvet, the shoes were exquisite but I felt the balance of their height at times, while yes creating a statuesque silhouette, did not seem as comfortable as I would like. Perhaps shedding both those shoes and sequins allows for greater exploration in physicality as one embraces the body.
The direction was simple, clear lines and pivots, great builds of smoldering intensity. Moments of audience interaction were thoughtful and intimate. Love is a touchy subject. The transitions between voice and music could be a little smoother though. I also wanted to see Tolva’s electric eyes more, more, more.
I’m on this kick about exploring time and what it means. It was great to hear the question raised thoughtfully. I’m excited to see where this piece goes in the future.

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