JG is saying farewell to Fringe

Intricately woven design reveals that even in a world only meant to be and see white, even in the continued attempts at erasure, black people and blackness remain not invisible but in extravisible. The set, with its clean white boxes, the moonlit atmosphere (or is that the glow of a flashlight?) and the ancestral OG costumes were supported by projections that served to make these elements sing in harmony.
Speaking of harmony, Libretto by Marc Bamuth Joseph and Music by Daniel Bernard Roumain have got the pulse of hip-hop, opera, soul, funk, and spoken word, with hints of Baldwin littered here and there- what you’ve been waiting for.
Directed deftly by Bill T. Jones. We Shall Not Be Moved spins truth and further confirmation of the fact that transparency, examination and reformation of education are necessary in all walks of life in order to make way for the next step in human evolution or else we will find an end in guns, ghost towns, despair and ruin.
The cast of phenomenal creatures inspires.  The process for them is just as important as the performance itself which serves as a lesson,  that the products we as humans project on the surface are nothing without careful attention to the process of be-coming each and every day. Shine on!

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