JG, the intrepid reviewer, is winding down their Fringe 

Costumes by Baozhen Chai brilliantly illustrates the shades of complexity wound in side of every woman.
Milk sets out to explore the give and take of motherhood, and in doing so also speaks to women on the journey of personal or conceptual birth and rebirth.  I very much enjoyed the exploration in breath.  The command a woman has over the revealed and welcomed aspects of the self.
Film collaboration by Jasmine Lynea gives us glimpses of place while getting a more intimate view of the dancer’s body and the story it tells.
HERstory combines dance,  poetry, film to Gavino’s heritage to the surface. Gavino explores her Filipino ancestry a precolonial matriarchy in parallel with the journey of African women. The journey takes us through cycles of celebration, abuse, oppression,  resignation,  release, discovery,  education and leaves us at the brink with a child on the verge of adolescence and her ancestors at her back.
Lady power!

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