JG is inspired by the Fringe
My pockets were full of a preexisting admiration for Jones’ work
Soundscape by Jones and Farai Malianga was the score to a Saturday morning deep clean and also Jones’ formative years.  Motown,  Spoken word,  R&B woven takes us out of the world and brings us to another world.
Costume design by Jones is uniform simple denim to clean in,  rocking a polo smock on top.
Lighting  and projection by Jones and Nanette Hudson Joyce is reminiscent of home with nod to MFSB.
Set Design by Jones and Alex Shaw is simple and versatile.
Choreography and direction by Lela Aisha Jones is both playful and powerful. It celebrates black bodies, culture, and rhythm. Bodies in repose, mourning, styling, cruising, carousing, and in community with one another.
Soundscape by Jones and Alex Shaw sets a rich spiritual tone.
Costume by Jones and Peggy Runde Weston puts our three matrons in variations on an African theme.
Lighting by Asami Morita transports the audience to a glowing dream state.
Set by Jones,  Malianga, and Shaw is stylized and intentional.
Choreography and direction by Lela Aisha Jones combines gestures of mothers in church,  House,  and Yoruba spiritual practice.  To see these rituals in conversation with one another appeals volumes to my own personal journey toward an amalgamation of spirituality and also metaphorically it speaks to a new way to view history and to society at large.

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