JG’s got one hand in their pocket and the other one is giving a high five- to the fringe. 
My pockets are full of love for Julia Frey.
Design by Frey and Day Harmet on the surface give flavors of a condominium open house meets sleek internet startup.
The show was also composed by Frey and Harmet, yes these cats wear all the hats. The score covers a broad swath of the American music spectrum featuring several parodies.  I just wanna give a shout out to Frey’s mad recorder solo in “Free Bird.”
Containertopia is a cornucopia of variations on the theme of tiny living. The show’s slogan “Contain Yourself” and other self-aware schtick help to breathe air into the reality that a fresh coat of paint and sick branding can’t cover up the fact that society is already collapsing.  People living in tiny containers at more than 1/2 the cost of their living wages just to cover rent. I don’t know… is it a new model for sustainability or slavery? Not to mention the millions of displaced people not just in Philly and NYC. Let’s not forget that America is a third world country. I digress. Containertopia is seesaw extravaganza of vaudeville and mixed media that, despite some technical difficulties, makes me hurt so good.

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