JG is a deviser and a performer


Pockets: It was a hot hot Sunday. I’d made the trek from the west. There was wine as a pregame, and Sarah Knittel possesses a magic reserved for the likes of Lucille Ball.
The design was simple: a pool filled with water, balloons, fringe, and a body. A podium, and a tarp for projection. A stark background for a post-mortem TedTalk.
Post-April is that moment when a life, digital and otherwise, flashes before our eyes and then is gone. The body, the person, her sentiments, gyrations, perspective gone, leaving a body of work alive on the internet, the threads of comments filled with love/hate.
Perhaps April’s wish for her friends to thrive will make it to their ears. A journey which at first suits our narrator’s pacing and perspective, eventually tumbles out of her control which leaves one wondering what it was that brought about her demise. What brought April Atwater to the water? Was it always unavoidable?
Sarah Knittel as per usual brings it. The direction by Dani Solomon was solid with some beautiful surprises.The provocations raised by the creative trio James Haro, Dani Solomon, and Sarah Knittel are important. I’m excited to see what these folks get up to in the future.

Cinematic Human

I did the BratSolow doubleheader. I’d just seen Post-April and had gone for a quick bite. Coming back I was like alright bring on my strong leading ladies, ya dig?!

The design, again simplicity. Promenade seating woohoo! We can see each other, be seen, and may get cast. 3 musicians, 1 microphone for our muse and an infinity scarf, a handful of literature, A bottle of Vodka, and a sandwich board for illustrations. Billed as a part music performance, part liberation party, it doesn’t disappoint.

Jess Conda is all parts, Katerina, cinematic, miniscule, in your face, and confidant.
Mary Tuomanen’s direction through the promenade might make for linear movement, but I felt at times in the midst of a swirling tornado. Not laid to waste, but touched down on from time to time. I laughed I welled up, the music was rockin’.

Life, your life if you want it to be can be rewritten.-That’s me paraphrasing one of many messages from this piece. Personally this piece connects with my own history of surviving abuse, it talks about not drowning in silence, making a plan and getting away, and rewriting a life where I am significant. Yep this one’s got legs.

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